sábado, 13 de janeiro de 2018

13 The day I was born

And in my crazy life story, when I thought that the woman full of fire that existed in me, had fallen asleep, maybe forever, because I had already given up on her, without me waiting, on a day 13, a hurricane came into my life, My private hurricane, which came from so far , just to make me see that this woman was more alive than ever inside of me, he made me see that, she begged to be reborn, she needed to be loved. Only a few moments under the force of my hurricane were enough to make me understand that I could let her be reborn, that she deserved to be loved again because she still had a lot to live for.

And for you, my love, my hurricane, who gave me back to me, for you ... the woman I thought was forgotten, for you, she came back, stronger, more intense, with an uncontrollable desire to love and to be loved ... and that's why I love you so much, as I've never loved anyone in my life.

Thank you my Richard for existing and for being part of my life, life that no longer belongs to me, because I am yours ... completely yours.