quarta-feira, 13 de junho de 2018

Once upon a time...

 Once upon a time there were two souls who were born very far from each other, but who knew each other even before they "knew each other." Souls who were born to belong and fill themselves. They always thought they were complete, but by God's plan, they met one day and then they realized why they had never been happy before. 
He used to protect himself behind a strong wall made of the most hardest ice but she came to his life bringing the most powerful fire burning in her heart. melting the walls that protected him. They had similar scars coming from different pains, which made them feel so connected. 
When they met, she struggled to control her intensity in feeling as he tried to block any kind of feeling to keep himself safe from his own emotions. Together they faced terrible emotional storms, in many moments, it seemed that the whole world was conspiring against them, but with each new trial , and with each new barrier, together, they overcome them. 
They shared the same desires, the same madness, the same intensity, simply because they were made of the same essence. She made him understand that he didn't need to be afraid of Love and that even though it was not easy, it was worth loving. And He gave back to her the feeling of "being able to trust", he showed her that she could indeed be desired, protected and loved. This story of love, had a beginning ... a middle, but it would never have an end.

                                           ( BVieira)