segunda-feira, 11 de junho de 2018

Remember her tears ...

"My friend, you're wrong, any woman should shed so many tears, as long as her love for her man is enough." So...

"Are you saying that every woman has to cry only because she loves?" It's absurd, "he interrupted me.

- No, she does not owe anything to anyone. But this is inevitable. If you are a man, then for each of her tears you will answer on your knees. Let you today slammed the door and proudly left, leaving her alone, and tomorrow did not even ask how she was doing. But after a while you will miss her, like the air that you breathe. Knock on the door, she will open and even treat your favorite tea with biscuits, she will forgive, and you will kiss her hands...

"... Tomorrow you will leave again, and the hands that you kissed, you will wring behind your back, shouting into her face. She is a woman, she is weak. You are a man. You're stronger. You are a man? "Answer this question to yourself."

"You say that a woman should not cry." And you, of course, are right. But show me at least one woman who has never cried because of her love. Will you show it? If so, I will take back my words.
Everything has a limit. And you must understand this. Today she considers you all, and tomorrow a bunch of crap about which you should not get dirty. For this I respect women. They do not return. If she fell out of love, she will never again fall in love again. You, my friend, remember this every time kissing her fingers. Today she is crying on her knees, and tomorrow, watching her on the trail, you'll be crying.

(с) Vyacheslav Prah
An excerpt from the book "Women are created to be their ..."

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